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Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014

Before you read this post. I would like you guys to click this link and let this song play low in the background. Feel it. Vibe. 


Wuddup. What should we call this? #LateNightswithFredo?! #FredoAfterDark?! That sounds sexual. This post isn’t even about that. 

I haven’t done one of these in a while and theres been so much in my heart lately. I’ve been seeing a lot of your tweets & DMs. Since I can’t respond to everyone like I wish I could, I hope this tumblr message can be a response of some sorts.  


What an incredible journey life is. Filled with ups, downs, lefts and rights. One day we wake up happy and ready to take over the world. The next day, we can wake up feeling so down we don’t even want to get out of bed. How can you control the emotion you will feel each morning when you wake up? You can’t. It’s impossible. All we can do is wake up each day and try to be the best versions of ourself we can be. 

1 minute. 1 hour. 1 day can change so much. As we get older we tend to notice people changing around us. People we’ve known our whole lives changing into people we barely even know. The normal reaction is for us to be sad, maybe even bitter. Especially if these people are changing and we don’t fit in that change. But I think that is the main factor in this all; CHANGE. People are so afraid of change, afraid of stepping into new territory. Don’t be. Life is all about challenges and new adventures. Life is all about chapters. No one wants to be on the same chapter too long. So next time you lose a friend or you get into a bad breakup — it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason, you may not know the reason at that moment but eventually, it’ll become clear as day. Have faith. 

There’s nothing wrong with taking a few steps in a new direction. Taking everything you’ve learned and all the experiences you’ve been through to make the new chapter even better. 

Having a dream, turning it into a goal and then manifesting that into a reality is something YOU can do. However, that road isn’t easy and you have to be willing to put in the work, sacrifice and truly fight for what you want. Especially if you want it bad enough. 

I won’t ever forget going to school fulltime, working a job and having two internships at the same time. I barely slept, but I wanted it bad enough so I struggled through it all because I knew it would all pay off and be worth it. I didn’t want to finish school - but I did. I worked through everything and it’s made me into the person I am today. 

Have any of you seen “The Wolf of Wallstreet”? It’s a great film. Leonardo Dicaprio plays a man named Jordan Belfort. In my opinion, one of Jordan’s greatest quotes ever; 

Cut the bullshit. Drop the excuses. YOU CAN DO IT. How bad do you want to work for it?! School? A new job? an internship? KEEP GOING. Keep applying, keep calling and emailing. It may feel like you keep getting “no’s” but eventually you will get that yes :) again, have faith! 

You may be feeling the worse, you may be feeling the lowest of all possible lows. You may be thinking about suicide, cutting, taking substances to ease the pain — all of it. BUT I PROMISE YOU, nothing is worth all that. Nothing is worse than hurting yourself. Nothing should ever be able to bring you to that point, especially not a person. No one person should ever have that much control over your emotions and life to make you want to hurt yourself. You are stronger than that. Look deep within your spirit and soul, life is a beautiful thing. When you are in the dark spot, it’s hard to see or think of anything else — but at the end of the day, you just have to be there for yourself. You have to be there for you. Love yourself. You are the greatest gift and you were put on this earth for a reason. Let that reason shine and give that reason time to prosper. It’ll be so worth it. 

Instead of spending the day talking about everything that is wrong, how you look, how you didn’t lose enough weight — just try and say one or two positive things. Keep thinking positive. Keep bringing that ++ energy into your life. It’ll make a big difference. 

Love y’all. Thank you for rocking with me. Thank you for following me throughout this journey and I’m hoping you guys continue with me through these next chapters. Thank you for the countless laughs, tweets and comments everywhere. The love is appreciated. 

Im out.


Waddup doe?! #fredoselfie

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